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Last Epoch 1.0 Crafting Exalted Items and Upgrade Gear Ultimate Guide

If you are holding an exalted item and don't know what to do next, then this is the right place for you. In Last Epoch, crafting is not a mere sideline – it is an art that we will demystify today so that you may turn those beautiful exalted items into legendary gear that would make mighty Epoch warriors envious.



Last Epoch 1.0 Crafting Exalted Items and Upgrade Gear Ultimate Guide


Exalted Items

Before we get into the details of crafting, let's talk about exalted items first. High tier affixes or AIXs with greater potential have been packed into these gears making them best for your build. However remember that potential is just but a possibility until it becomes real through unlocking it by yourself.



The beginning point involves choosing the base wisely which means looking at what AIXs are already there as well as forgability (FP). Higher FP gives room for more customization before risking item breaking.


Crafting Methods

1. Chaos Crafting with Glyphs

Use a Glyph of Chaos for randomizing an AIX while upgrading.

  • Pros: It's fast and gives unexpected results sometimes.
  • Cons: You can obtain an AIX which does not fit in your build.


2. Strategic Removal with Runes

Apply a Rune of Removal to eliminate any undesired AIX.

  • Pros: You gain useful shards for future use in other projects.
  • Cons: There could be loss of an AIX one wants to keep.


3. Sealing with Glyph of Despair

Using Glyph of Despair seals one AIX into one special slot framing around the item.

  • Pros: These save important but unneeded AIXs and open up possibilities for further crafting.
  • Cons: They are rare and should be handled sparingly.


4. Transforming with Glyph of Insight

On gloves, boots or belts, obtain an experimental affix by converting a prefix.

  • Pros: Can generate powerful gear with unique characteristics.
  • Cons: The limit is on the specific items slots and consumption of FP is fast.


Crafting Tips for Success

  • Upgrades Should Be Balanced: Balance your forging potential (FP) across all AIXs to reduce the chances of breaking the item.
  • Use Glyphs of Hope: These can mitigate FP drain and are must-haves in high tier crafting.
  • Understand Your Build: Craft AIXs that go along with your playstyle or build demands.
  • Take Your Time: Don't rush it as sometimes it takes several attempts to get that perfect roll.


When RNG Isn't on Your Side

Let us admit it – RNG can be a cruel mistress. In case an item breaks or doesn't turn out as expected, take a deep breath. With so much loot in Eterra around, your next Exalted drop could be just steps away.


Endgame Crafting Goals

As you go deeper into Last Epoch's endgame, remember that crafting is about both the journey and destination. Whether you're seeking out that T7-T6-T6 roll or making legendary gear to show off on the forums, enjoy each part along the way.



Crafting in Last Epoch 1.0 is highly rewarding because it allows for tremendous customization. By following these tips outlined in this guidebook, you will be well prepared to create exalted items that truly reflect how mighty your character is.


One thing to remember: All great art begins with a simple material. Keep on trying, keep on learning, and most important of all have fun in the process. Your mythical clothing is coming soon!

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