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Path of Exile Crucible Best and Worst new unique items Guides

Are you looking for a guide to the best and worst unique items in the Crucible League of Path of Exile? Here's a Poe guide to help you out! The Crucible League of Path of Exile has added a few new unique items, and we're going to take a look at the best and worst among them.



The Worst New unique items


- StormSeeker Unique Gloves

Although This StormSeeker gloves are interesting, there isn't enough support in the game for them yet. They offer both attack and spell leech, but it's difficult to build a character that benefits from both at once.


- Blood Price Helmet

The mod where you reserve the life of the enemy is an interesting concept, but it's not worth dropping your helmet for. You also get reduced maximum life, which is a big downside, and the item hasn't been used much.


- Chain of Endurance Belt

This belt gives you a bit of energy shield and maximum life, as well as the special start where you regenerate two percent of life per second for each different ailment affecting you. However, there isn't really a build archetype that uses all the self-ailments at the same time, so it's not very useful.


- Honorable Mention:  Orbala's Stand Boots

These boots offer some nice modifiers, but they're not very useful since they only give you stun immunity from suppressed spell damage.


The Best unique items


- Ancestral Vision Jewel

Ancestral Vision Jewel is a great deal since it offers both a chance to suppress spell damage and a chance to gain a power charge on hit. It's very useful for most builds.


- BloodNotch Unique Dagger

This BloodNotch is very popular since it offers both fire and chaos damage, which are very strong at the moment. It also has good base damage and critical chance.


- TAYB AHI Gloves

The TAYB AHI Gloves modifier "When Leech is removed by filling Unreserved Life" is a conditional modifier in the game that only works with non-instant leech and won't work if the player has modifiers that prevent life leech effects from being removed when unreserved life is filled. This modifier triggers an effect when a player's life is filled by means other than life leech, such as regeneration or potions.

To make use of this modifier, players can use skills like Blood Rage or the "Skills Cost Life instead of 30% of Mana Cost" Life Mastery to create a small amount of degeneration, which will cause the life pool to fill and trigger the effect rapidly. This can be a powerful tool for increasing damage output or survivability, especially in situations where life leech is not viable. However, it's important to be aware of the potential downsides of these skills, such as increased damage taken or reduced survivability, and to balance their use accordingly.



Path of Exile Crucible Best and Worst new unique items Guides

The Fourth Vow is an item in the game that synergizes well with the Divine Flesh keystone and the Juggernaut's ascendancy. This is because armour mitigation scales better when smaller hits are incoming, and spreading damage taken over multiple damage types can decrease the average damage taken. The Divine Flesh keystone converts 50% of elemental damage taken to chaos damage, which can be further reduced by armour. The Juggernaut's ascendancy provides increased armour and additional physical damage reduction. By combining all three, players can significantly increase their survivability. For more information on the topic, it's recommended to look into "damage taken as" mechanics in the game.


So there you have it! These are the best and worst unique items in the Crucible League of Path of Exile. 

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