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PoE 3.22 Mid to Late League Off-Meta Ascendancies Builds

As we find ourselves at the midway point of Path of Exile patch 3.22, it's time to explore some exciting build ideas for the mid to late game. While the top-performing builds of this league are well-documented, this guide will focus on off-meta ascendancies. These less popular ascendancies can offer unique playstyles and challenges, making your PoE experience more diverse and interesting. Whether you're looking to join a private league with specific ascendancy rules or simply seeking fresh ideas, this article has something for you.


PoE 3.22 Mid to Late League Off-Meta Ascendancies Builds


Chieftain - Righteous Fire

For those looking to try something different with the Chieftain ascendancy, consider a Righteous Fire build. While Juggernaut and Inquisitor are more popular choices, the revamped Chieftain in patch 3.22 aligns well with Righteous Fire's playstyle. This build excels at clearing trash mobs while using auxiliary skills like Fire Trap or Phantasmal Searing Bond for tougher foes. Chieftain's ignite bonuses lead to devastating chain reactions. You can find a detailed guide for the Searing Bond version in the description below.


Berserker - Icicle Mine

The Berserker ascendancy may not be the go-to choice for most players, but it can shine with an Icicle Mine build. While this build benefits greatly from unique items like Void Battery and Badge of the Brotherhood, it can clear challenging maps even without them. Once equipped with these uniques, the build becomes a powerhouse for tackling Delirium content. While not the tankiest option, the Icicle Mine Berserker provides excellent damage output and is particularly effective against bosses.


Guardian and Necromancer - Minion Builds

Both Guardian and Necromancer ascendancies are excellent choices for minion-themed builds, specifically Summon Raging Spirits. These minions synergize with Guardian's auras and Necromancer's poison and elemental damage bonuses. However, you're not limited to Summon Raging Spirits; you can experiment with Absolution, Dominating Blow, or even summon skeletons with unique items like Dual Dead Reckoning to create a diverse minion army. Whether you prefer Guardian's auras or Necromancer's poison, both ascendancies offer powerful minion synergy.


Assassin - Icicle Mine

The Icicle Mine Assassin build is a formidable choice, though it requires specific unique items like Void Battery, Heat Shiver, and Badge of the Brotherhood to reach its full potential. Even without these items, the build can handle challenging maps. With the right gear, it excels in Delirium encounters, making it an excellent choice for damage projection and versatility. Keep in mind that it leans more towards clearing trash mobs than boss fights.


Berserker - General's Cry

If you crave overwhelming boss damage, consider the General's Cry Berserker. This build specializes in obliterating bosses with an Alpha strike. It's all about offense and doesn't perform as well against trash mobs. However, it can deal ridiculous amounts of damage even with subpar gear. When facing bosses, this build is hard to beat.


Gladiator - Bleed Builds

Bleed-based Gladiator ascendancies have faded from their former glory but remain strong for clearing maps. You can choose between Lacerate or Bleed Bow Gladiator, both of which are effective at map clearing. However, their boss damage falls off significantly, and workarounds like unique helmets and snipe items are clunky. Volatility Support is an excellent addition to this build, especially when combined with the extremely rare R's Coil unique item.


Guardian - Spark Elemental Relics

Another approach to Guardian ascendancy is Spark with the Elemental Relics - Wrath and Anger. This setup provides significant damage projection and performs well, even against non-Uber bosses. While an Inquisitor may eventually surpass a Guardian in terms of damage, the Guardian is a solid choice that remains strong for a long time.


Finding Build Outlines

To discover more about these builds or explore variations, visit the Path of Exile community website, You can use their time machine feature to look at character data from earlier points in the league. Apply filters to narrow down your search and see what gear and skill setups are popular for your chosen ascendancy.



Whether you're participating in the private league or simply seeking fresh PoE challenges, these mid to late league build ideas on off-meta ascendancies offer exciting gameplay options. Experiment, adapt, and enjoy the diverse world of Path of Exile in patch 3.22. 

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