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Eldritch Chaos Orb

Eldritch Chaos Orb

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  • Necropolis SC
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28 May
4 / 5

Great service with a slight delay in delivery. Nonetheless, the POE Eldritch Chaos Orb product was worth the wait.

09 Apr
5 / 5

LOLTANK's commitment to delivering an outstanding service for POE is clear and effective.

18 Mar
5 / 5

Exceptional POE Eldritch Chaos Orb. It made my gaming experience better.

16 Mar
5 / 5

Exceptional POE Eldritch Chaos Orb that made my day! They combine professionalism with a personal touch beautifully.

05 Mar
4 / 5

I purchased the Path of Exile Eldritch Chaos Orb from LOLTANK, and it's a solid choice. The POE Eldritch Chaos Orb does the job well, but there's still room for improvement. Four stars from me.

24 Jan
5 / 5

Outstanding Eldritch Chaos Orb POE! The quality is unparalleled, and it's evident that a lot of care went into its Eldritch Chaos Orb POEion. Highly recommend!

Eldritch Chaos Orb Description

Eldritch Chaos Orb is a unique currency item that can be used to reroll any rare item's Eldritch modifiers. They drop from monsters in the endgame, such as Zana maps and Uber Elder / Shaper guardians and add a new random suffix modifier on those items.

  • Identifying the Eldritch Implicit Modifier that has dominance: Find out which one it is.
  • Do you have a dominant modifier when rerolling prefix or suffix modifiers? Add an Eldritch Chaos Orb to your prefix and suffix mods – just for fun!
  • You can use the orb by right-clicking it and left-clicking it on your rare item with the right dominance - so it sprinkles magic dust.


How to Hunt Down Eldritch Chaos Orbs?

  • Monster Mayhem: Kill monsters spawned by Searing Exarch or Eater of Worlds influence.
  • Vendor Recipes: You can exchange 5x Darker Half divination cards with Tasuni for 5x Eldritch Chaos Orbs.
  • Item Farming Fiesta: These orbs may also appear through processes like league mechanics (e.g. Legion encounters), Breaches, Delve and little bit of Azurite Mine spelunking.


Drop Rate Odds:

  • Base drop rate from high-tier red maps: 2-5%, now go run them!
  • Eldritch Chaos Orb has a weight less than your average Exalted Orb – it's on a diet.
  • Community whispers suggest a drop rate of 0.1-0.2% from optimized red maps.
  • Running quality maps with some extra luck and Sacred Blossoms gives a tiny boost.
  • The odds are not the same for special events and Atlas places – think of it like a roller-coaster of loot.
  • Expect to find an Eldritch Chaos Orb after every 200-500 red maps, on average – patients only!


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