Poe Currency / Glassblower's Bauble

Glassblower's Bauble

Glassblower's Bauble

Buy PoE Glassblower's Bauble - Flask Perfection | LOLTANK.COM

  • Necropolis SC
  • 5 ~ 30 Mins
  • 400
  • 800
  • 1200
  • 1600
  • 2000
  • 2400

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Ratings and Reviews

Average user rating
4.6 / 5
4.6 out of 5 (from 156 Customers ratings)

Rating breakdown

5 ★
Votes(110) / 70.5%
4 ★
Votes(29) / 18.6%
3 ★
Votes(13) / 8.3%
2 ★
Votes(4) / 2.6%
30 Mar
3 / 5

The game Glassblower's Bauble was okay, but not as expected. It's just average.

23 Mar
3 / 5

It was an average experience with Path of Exile Glassblower's Bauble at LOLTANK.

05 Mar
3 / 5

LOLTANK is decent, but it could be better.

04 Mar
5 / 5

This POE Glassblower's Bauble is a game-changer.

27 Feb
4 / 5

My Glassblower's Bauble from LOLTANK is decent, but it could have a few more options. Still, it gets the job done effectively.

25 Feb
2 / 5

I had high hopes for the Path of Exile I bought, but it fell short. Late delivery and quality issues left me disappointed.

Glassblower's Bauble Description

A spa treatment for your flasks, that's what the Glassblower's Bauble is in Path of Exile. This currency item helps to improve the quality of flasks and is A Flask's Best Friend.

Boosting Elixirs: Good for adventurers who want their potions to do more!


How Glassblower's Bauble Works?

  • Polishing Potions – Applying a Glassblower's Bauble on a flask increases its quality thereby enhancing its effectiveness.
  • Quality Increments - 5% increase in quality for normal (white) flasks; 1% increase for magic (blue), rare (yellow) and unique (orange) flasks.
  • Cap on Quality – Flasks maximum quality is only 20%, so gather those baubles till your flasks shine!


How to Obtain Glassblower's Bauble?

  • Monster Loot - These baubles can drop from any monster making each battle a potential treasure trove.
  • Container Surprises - Watch out while opening chests and containers, as baubles might be waiting there.
  • Trading with Players - Low on supplies? Go check out the marketplace in no minute for a quick bauble boost.


Using Glassblower's Baubles Wisely

  • Flask Enhancement: Put it on your life, mana or utility flasks to make them better than before.
  • Prioritize Wisely: Use it on high potential or frequently used flasks to maximize the benefit gained from it.
  • Crafting Prep: Ideal for upgrading your current set of flasks before moving onto higher crafting currencies


In intense combat situations, a well adjusted flask is a last line of defense. To guarantee that every drink from your bottle is of maximum benefit, The Glassblower's Bauble is the key. In case you are diving deep into dark dungeons or fighting against dreadful foes, these baubles make sure your flasks are suitable for this situation.

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