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Orb of Regret

Orb of Regret

Buy PoE Orb of Regret – Reshape Your Skills

  • Necropolis SC
  • 5 ~ 30 Mins
  • 1000
  • 2000
  • 3000
  • 4000
  • 5000
  • 6000

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4.6 / 5
4.6 out of 5 (from 200 Customers ratings)

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5 ★
Votes(153) / 76.5%
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21 Jun
5 / 5

Highly recommend LOLTANK's Path of Exile Orb of Regret service. It has vastly improved my gameplay.

05 Jun
5 / 5

I am completely satisfied with my purchase. The Path of Exile Orb of Regret is exceptional.

14 May
4 / 5

Solid Path of Exile Orb of Regret. It's reliable and does what it's supposed to. Delivery was within the estimated timeframe.

30 Apr
5 / 5

LOLTANK provides stellar POE service.

26 Apr
2 / 5

I regret my purchase of Path of Exile Orb of Regret. It didn't live up to the hype, and the customer service was unhelpful.

24 Apr
5 / 5

LOLTANK's POE service is a benchmark in the industry, offering both reliability and excellence.

Orb of Regret Description

Orb of Regret in Path of Exile (PoE) can be seen as a sort of "undo" button that would be useful in life. It is an item used for currency which gives players another chance at their passive skill points.

What makes it special: This is not like other currency items; it does not modify gears or gems but character skill tree.


How Orb of Regret Works?

  • Skill Point Redo: Each Orb of Regret gives one passive skill refund point which you can use to undo one point of your choice.
  • Character Customization: Perfect for building refinement or correcting previous aspects of your skills tree choices.
  • No Limitations: You can use as many Orbs of Regrets as possible since there are no restrictions hence providing total freedom for character development.


How to make Orb of Regret in PoE?

  • Monster Loot: Like many other currencies Orbs of Regrets can drop from slain monsters.
  • Chests and Containers: At times you can loot these orbs while going through different chests and containers across Wraeclast.
  • Divination Cards: Some cards such as "The Innocent" may be exchanged for Orbs of Regret.
  • Trading: Players often trade these orbs among themselves, so check out the trade market if you're in need.


How to Spend Orb of Regret in Path of Exile?

  • Respec Your Skills: Unlearn skill points and redesign your character's passive skill tree with it.
  • Combining with Scouring: Combine Orbs of Regret with an Orb of Scouring to have a Book of Reform, which alters bandit reward choices.
  • Trial and Error: Perfect for testing out various PoE build strategies without starting from scratch.


Orb of Regret Creating Recipes

  • Vinia's Token is a set of 5 cards that, when combined, give ten orbs of regret.
  • The Innocent is a set of 10 cards that gives 40 orbs of regret.
  • Emperor's Luck is a set of five random currency cards which may include an orb of regret within the player's game.
  • The Void is used to purchase a random divination card set exchange at one time.


Orb of Regret Using Recipes

Crafting Orb of Regret is mainly done when making PoE Book of Reform IconBook Of Reform. It requires 20 Orbs of Regret and any amulet. This recipe can change your character's bandit quest rewards in four different ways depending on the type of amulet you used:

  • Kraityn's Favour – PoE Jade Amulet IconJade Amulet
  • Alira's Favour – PoE Lapis Amulet IconLapis Amulet
  • Eramir's Favour – PoE Onyx Amulet IconOnyx Amulet
  • Oak's Favour - PoE Amber Amulet IconAmber Amulet


The Orb of Regret is your key to flexibility and adaptability. Whether you're tweaking your build, fixing past mistakes, or exploring new strategies, these orbs ensure your character is always evolving. 

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