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Poe Tabula Rasa - Buy Cheap Tabula Rasa For League Starter

  • Ancestor SC
  • 5 ~ 30 Mins
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Ratings and Reviews

Average user rating
4.7 / 5
4.7 out of 5 (from 34 Customers ratings)

Rating breakdown

5 ★
Votes(25) / 73.5%
4 ★
Votes(7) / 20.6%
3 ★
Votes(2) / 5.9%
01 Dec
4 / 5

LOLTANK is decent, but I've seen better.

08 Nov
3 / 5

It was an average experience with Path of Exile Tabula Rasa at LOLTANK.

07 Nov
5 / 5

This Path of Exile Tabula Rasa exceeded my expectations! Highly recommended.

07 Nov
5 / 5

The POE Tabula Rasa is out of this world! Excellent service.

01 Nov
5 / 5

Impressive Tabula Rasa! It exceeded my expectations.

Tabula Rasa Description

Tabula Rasa, a unique item in Path of Exile, is a versatile gear allowing any skill gem combination, thanks to its six white sockets and links. Imagine having a piece of gear that's like a wild card for any skill gem combo – that's Tabula Rasa for you!


Tabula Rasa Acquisition

Blood Aqueducts: 

  • Farming Made Fun: Act 9's Blood Aqueducts is your go-to Tabula hotspot. Why? It's simple and straight, making your farming runs a breeze.
  • The Ideal Farming Build: Think fast! Characters with high movement speed and wide-reaching AoE skills are perfect for sprinting through this zone.
  • Patience Pays Off: Remember, this is an RNG game – so keep at it, and that Tabula Rasa will eventually be yours.


Legacy League Challenges: 

Challenge Accepted: Some leagues, like Legacy League, offer unique challenges that reward you with items like Tabula Rasa. For instance, hitting level 70 sans body armor could net you a Legacy Tabula Rasa – a fancy version with extra perks!


Vendor Recipe:

  • The Recipe Revealed: Got a six-linked white body armor? Corrupt it (with a touch of caution), amp up the quality, and voila – you've got yourself a Tabula Rasa.
  • The Art of Corruption: Using Vaal Orbs can be risky, so maybe don't use your Sunday best armor for this experiment.


Divination Card Route:

  • Card Collecting 101: Nine 'Humility' cards equal one shiny Tabula Rasa. It's like a scavenger hunt with a super rewarding end.
  • Where to Hunt: For the best odds, head to zones like The Coast, The Mud Flats, and The Prisons. Gather those cards, and soon you'll be swapping them for your prize.



  • Community Market: Not into farming or crafting? Dive into PoE's bustling trade scene. Whether you're using the official trade site or other platforms, there's always someone willing to strike a deal for a Tabula Rasa.
  • Smart Shopping Tips: Compare prices and check seller reputations to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck (or orb).


Why Upgrade from Tabula Rasa?

Tabula Rasa is great for its DPS flexibility, but lacks in defense. For better survivability without losing too much damage, consider upgrading.


Armor Options for Upgrading

  • Budget Belly of the Beast: Affordable at around 2 chaos orbs, but requires crafting for a 5-link.
  • Affordable Six-Links: Starting from 10c, look for a 6-link armor that fits your socket needs.
  • Unique Armor for Specific Builds: Choose unique armors like The Covenant for specific skills and budget-friendly links.
  • Resistances and Damage Trade-Off: Balance your gear by swapping in items with resistances to maintain DPS.
  • Jewel Enhancement: Seek jewels that add life to amplify health boosts, especially effective with a Belly of the Beast.


Chest Armor Shopping Tips

  • Prioritize Elemental Resistance: Ensure you're capped on elemental resistances first.
  • Focus on Survival Stats: Look for armors that increase life or energy shield.
  • Enhance Secondary Defenses: Don't ignore armor and evasion boosts for overall better defense.

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