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Regal Orb

Regal Orb

Buy PoE Regal Orb – Upgrade Magic Items | LOLTANK.COM

  • Necropolis SC
  • 5 ~ 30 Mins
  • 200
  • 400
  • 600
  • 800
  • 1000
  • 1200

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Ratings and Reviews

Average user rating
4.6 / 5
4.6 out of 5 (from 160 Customers ratings)

Rating breakdown

5 ★
Votes(120) / 75%
4 ★
Votes(28) / 17.5%
3 ★
Votes(4) / 2.5%
2 ★
Votes(7) / 4.4%
1 ★
Votes(1) / 0.6%
17 Mar
5 / 5

Couldn't be happier with my purchase! Path of Exile Regal Orb has changed the way I look at such Regal Orbs.

09 Mar
4 / 5

Great fun, but more content updates would make LOLTANK perfect.

19 Feb
5 / 5

LOLTANK exceeded my expectations with their exceptional Regal Orb Path of Exile. Superb attention to detail and customer care. Will definitely recommend!

11 Feb
2 / 5

I was a bit disappointed with the Regal Orb I bought. It didn't meet my expectations, and I encountered some issues with it.

07 Feb
4 / 5

Enjoyable Path of Exile Regal Orb, but could use some updates to make it even better.

06 Feb
4 / 5

Strong POE Regal Orb with just a hint of needing polish. But overall, they shine bright!

Regal Orb Description

In the grand court of Path of Exile, all things crafting are epitomized by Regal Orb. It is a currency item that can change a magic (blue) item into a rare (yellow) item and randomly affix another attribute to it.

This is perfect for Crafters: If you want to properly upgrade your gear, this gives you that extra little bit every player needs.


How Regal Orb Work in PoE?

  • Magic to Rare: When you use a Regal Orb on magical equipment, it adds one more affix and transforms the gear into a rare item class.
  • Affix Addition: This orb can add an additional prefix or suffix depending on which already existed on the item.
  • Item Integrity: The monster affixes remain as they are, but their rarity is increased and there is an extra affix added.


Where Can You Get Regal Orbs in PoE?

  • They are dropped by monsters all over the game, so each kill could be worth its weight in gold.
  • You might find some Regal Orbs while looting various chests and containers scattered throughout Wraeclast as well.
  • These are traded actively within PoE's economy such that whenever necessary you can always exchange them for other items.


How to Use Regal Orb Like a Pro?

  • By using this orb on high potential magic items, one can change them into rare items.
  • Good for building bases for ongoing craft with Exalted Orbs or other high-tier mods.
  • Useful when dealing with high desirable affixed items that you need to make better still.


Regal Orb Created Recipes

  • Regal Shard: A combination of twenty shards results in one Regal Orb.
  • A Regal Death: When a powerful king or queen is killed, they award one Orb of Regret each.
  • Coveted Possession: Trading 9 cards will earn you 5 Regal Orbs.
  • Emperor's Luck: Has a chance to give five currency items, including Regal Orb.
  • Mirror of Kalandra: Downgrade using other currencies.
  • The Void: Exchange of random divination card set.


Regal Orb Vendor Recipes

  • Three Identified Rare Item: Any with a same name, all at 20% quality.
  • Full Set of Rares: Item levels between 75 and 100
  • Full Set of Unidentified or 20% Quality Rares: Item levels between 75 and 100
  • Full Set of Unidentified and 20% Quality Rares: Item levels between 75 and 100


Path of Exile's extensive crafting system is built around the Regal Orb. Risk meets reward as they are designed right in the middle. The Regal Orb opens the door to enhanced gear and endless possibilities whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out. Transforming magic items into rare finds.

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