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21 Jul
5 / 5

A solid choice for Path of Exile Exalted Orb, but LOLTANK could use a little polish.

21 Jul
5 / 5

The Orb of Alchemy service from LOLTANK made Path of Exile incredibly enjoyable.

21 Jul
5 / 5

Seamless Path of Exile transaction on LOLTANK. Very happy.

21 Jul
5 / 5

Their Path of Exile Mirror of Kalandra service is the high five you didn't know you needed. Awesome!

21 Jul
5 / 5

The level of detail in the POE service from LOLTANK is incredible.

20 Jul
5 / 5

LOLTANK’s Exalted Orb service makes Path of Exile insanely enjoyable. Big fan!

What is Path of Exile?

Path of Exile has the quintessence of traditional hack-and-slash ARPG at its core. It inherits and develops dark and gloomy scenes, fearful monsters, complicated plots and plenty of builds. It has several unique gameplay features which distinguish it from other games of similar nature. It has one of the best skill systems, talent systems and barter currency systems.

What is Poe Currency?

Currency in Path of Exile include orbs, scrolls and many types that help with trading, improving gear and re-rolling attributes. The currency system of POE is unique compared to other games for including a variety of orbs and scrolls having different functions. Simplify these currencies, providing clear and concise definitions that will assist you to play well.


What Are Basic Currencies? Fundamental Currencies

  • Orb of Transmutation: It changes a normal (white) item into a magic (blue) item by adding random modifiers. It's the first crafting step and commonly available.
  • Orb of Alteration: Randomly modifies modifiers on magic items. Perfect at low levels for tweaking gear.
  • Orb of Augmentation: Adds an extra modifier to a magic item that only has one. This is important when selecting specific attributes for gear.


Intermediate Currencies: Raising the Bar

  • Orb of Alchemy: Makes a normal item into rare (yellow), thereby boosting its stats greatly.
  • Chaos Orb: A versatile currency which rerolls all mods on rare items; it's instrumental in crafting endgame gear.
  • Orb of Chance: Turns normal items into a random rarity, which could be a rare unique. There is an element of risk here but the payoff can be worth it.


Advanced Currencies: Game Changers

  • Divine Orb: Rerolls numerical values on modifiers for an item. Perfecting high-tiered gears can't happen without them.
  • Exalted Orb: Another random affix gets added onto this rare Engraved Pike. A very valuable currency used for endgame crafting purposes.
  • Orb of Annulment: Removes one random mod from an item; sometimes it's about taking certain risks in order to make perfect gears.


Specialized Currencies: Narrow Applications

  • Veiled Chaos Orb: Use this orb with Jun's unveilings to give your item a veiled modifier, opening up new possibilities in terms of crafting.
  • Orb of Scouring: Takes all mods off an item, bringing it back to basics. Great tool when resetting items for new crafting projects.


How to Use Poe Currencies?

  • Early Game Strategy: Start off with Orbs of Transmutation, Alteration, and Alchemy. They are needed to enhance initial gears.
  • Mid-Game Focus: Progressively move on to using Chaos Orbs and Orbs of Chance. These offer more significant improvements to gear and trading opportunities.
  • End-Game Crafting: Exalted Orbs, and Divine Orbs become important here. Keep these for higher-level gear crafting or big trades.
  • Trading Wisely: Know the worth of your currencies in the market. For this reason, POE Trade is a great tool for gauging what's happening in the current market.


Currency Trading

Trading in PoE is complex as each type of orb has its own value and use. Examples of popular currencies are Chaos Orbs, Exalted Orbs, Divine Orbs all having important roles to play in item crafting as well as player trade.


Face to Face Trade

This traditional method requires players to exchange currency items directly. After buying, a friend request and party invitation are sent through the game. In-game, players should greet each other without going into details of the trade for security purposes.


Market Safer Trade

Put an "Expensive Looking" item on a Premium Stash Tab and set the price to the exact amount of currency you've bought from us. Please copy the Trade link or your Account name (not a whisper) and enter it in the "Trade Link or Account Name" field or tell us in live chat. Expensive-looking items: Timeless Jewel, Watcher's Eye Prismatic Jewel, Megalomaniac Medium Cluster Jewel, Influenced item, Fractured item, or Synthesised item.


How to Faring currency?

Currency can be collected by killing monsters, Vendoring Recipes, opening chests and trading. Traders need to know current market trends to maximize their profits since their value depends on demand and supply as well as game economy.


Strategies for Early Game

For new players, the initial goal should be to achieve higher-tier maps as fast as possible. Mostly, focusing on tier 14 maps can be very lucrative, especially in Trade League. One way to do this will entail Farming Searing Exarch for such drops as Searing Exarch Invitation and Embers.


Leveraging League Mechanics

Don't forget about other league mechanics while farming Searing Exarch:

  • Essences: Farm essences by using the map device. These can be sold in bulk, particularly to crafters in need of Remnants of Corruption.
  • Heist Contracts: In early league, Heist contracts and Rogue's markers are highly sought after. Their sale can yield huge profits.


Choosing the Best Mechanics

  • Rituals and Abyss: These two mechanics are time-intensive, and are more suited for higher level maps where the rewards are proportionately large.
  • Heist: For instance, Heists are generally better off in high tier maps due to item level gating on some rewards such as blueprints.
  • Incursion and Bestiary: In low-tier maps, these mechanics can be used to look for specific results like corruption chambers or unique beasts.
  • Blight: Designed for mid to high-tier maps especially those with lane rewards maximized. Blight maps and oil quality increase with higher-tier maps.
  • Harbinger and Breach: Both mechanics work well in both high and low-tier maps depending on what you want to farm. Harbinger is particularly good for high-tier maps if you're hunting for high-level fractured bases.
  • Betrayal: This mechanic can be farmed very efficiently in low-tier maps. One strategy is removing all transportation and fortification encounters so as to make Betrayal farming more focused and efficient.
  • Delirium: It is only recommended to run delirium in high tier maps mainly because of the quest for high-level cluster jewels.


Atlas Passives and Map Progression

In softcore leagues, focus on advancing through the Atlas as efficiently as possible. You should prioritize the acquisition of Atlas passives that speed up map progression and improve Eldritch influence encounters. Once you have a strong position go ahead try out other mechanics like Delirium or Expedition for extra rewards.


Hidden Tips

More than what you farm in POE, it is how you sell it that counts when making currency:

  • Know What to Sell: Get to know value items and currencies. Tools like Forbidden Trove as well as trade web sites will help you identify these lucrative opportunities.
  • Sell Efficiently: Do not let valuable items sit idle in your stash. Sell them even if you do not know their worth.
  • Build Your Wealth: Develop your build with your early earnings so that you can participate in more lucrative farming strategies. Bear in mind that any item sitting idly on your stash represents a lost resource which could have added something to your currency pool.

About LOLTANK Poe Currency

LOLTANK is the best place to buy Path of Exile currency, with a focus on customer convenience, safety and security for many years. Many players have enjoyed our dependable services, improving their PoE expeditions. 

  • Fast Delivery: Our commitment makes sure that we deliver PoE currency quickly with a 5-30 minute delivery time after payment confirmation because of the huge amounts of stock we have and our system which is very efficient. This makes the gaming process look like a piece of cake. 
  • Good Reputation: We have had an unmatched reputation over the course of nine years with satisfied customers and in-game purchase proofs as evidence. 
  • Reasonable Prices: LOLTANK isn't just about low prices; it's about fair and trustworthy transactions. Our flexible pricing mechanism changes according to market dynamics effectively guaranteeing you the highest return on your investment. 
  • Delivery Safety: For the sake of transaction confidentiality, please include in-game items during trades as usual ones would be done, thus protecting your account and securing our business.
  • Guaranteed Refund: Additionally, we understand life is unpredictable hence, we offer a clear refund policy. Cancellation will be processed immediately provided that the currency has not been delivered. 

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